MAT assessment helps measure

MAT assessment helps measure:

* Problem Solving the ability to evaluate information, give relevant considerations when making decision, interpret data and react appropriately to changing situations.
* Planning and Organizing the ability to develop long-range plans and short-term activities, including setting business objectives and delivery schedules.
* Management Responsibility the extent to which the individual feels responsible for and in control of, work performance and job advancement.
* Communication the ability to present information formally and informally in written and oral contexts and communicate effectively with customers, staff, peers and supervisors.
* Supervisory Skills the skill level in planning and overseeing the work of subordinates and managing work flow.
* Administrative Skills the ability to implement and monitor actions to ensure compliance with policies and regulations, distribute information, allocate staff and maintain records.
* Business Control the skill in and concern for controlling expenses, reducing costs, setting performance standards and reviewing budgets.
* Managerial Potential Index a composite score of the scales reflecting a candidates overall ability to successfully perform management tasks.
* Normative Data norms are based upon job candidates from organizations in a wide range of industries.
* Validation Studies have been conducted on the MAT assessment in a variety of settings including healthcare and advertising.
* Report the MAT provides a graphic depiction of the candidates scores and an overall estimate of potential.


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in MAT exam possibility to plus CET exam marks for MBA

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