AIMA Will Continue to MAT to MBA Aspirants

AIMA will continue to administer MAT to MBA aspirants and the next test is scheduled in September 2012.

Over the past two decades, AIMA’s Management Aptitude Test (MAT) has been successfully availed by students across the country seeking admission in B-Schools. It remains the largest test in its category in terms of participation and reach, with several lakh students availing it each year. Today, over 600 B-schools in the country recognize and use MAT for admission to their institutions.

No plans to discontinue the MAT exam

There are no plans to discontinue the MAT exam, as it is the largest test of its kind with national acceptance. AIMA will continue to administer MAT to MBA aspirants and recently concluded a test on 6ht May 2012.The schedule of the next few MAT Tests is as under:

2nd September 2012
2nd December 2012
3rd February 2013
5th May 2013

These Paper Based Tests will be followed by Computer Based Test in multiple slots in following Saturdays of each MAT administration.

MAT’s uniqueness and success lies in its inclusiveness. It is administered in both the computer based and paper based format, thus reaching out to a much wider audience. Moreover, it accommodates the mixed education background of students while staying rigorous on testing aptitude.


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