MAT Entrance Guide by Deepak Agarwal and Mahima Agarwal

Book Summary of MAT Entrance Guide

Salient Features of the Book "MAT Entrance Guide"
1. Comprehensive Sections on :
(a) Quantitative Aptitude
(b) Language Proficiency
(c) Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency
(d) Verbal Reasoning
(e) General Awareness
2. Exhaustive MAT question bank at the end of each chapter. To summarise, the book is aimed to serve as one stop solution for all major MBA Entrance Exams.

Table Of Contents
Section I: English
Chapter 1: Vocabulary
Chapter 2: Grammar
Chapter 3: Reading Comprehension
Chapter 4: Composition
Section II: Mathematical Skills
Chapter 1: Number System
Chapter 2: HCF and LCM
Chapter 3: Simplification & Power and Roots – Square, Cube, Indices and Surds
Chapter 4: Average
Chapter 5: Algebraic Expressions & Inequalities
Chapter 6: Percentage
Chapter 7: Profit and Proportion
Chapter 8: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 9: Partnership
Chapter 10: Mixture (Alligations)
Chapter 11: Interest
Chapter 12: True & Banker's Discount
Chapter 13: Stock and Shares
Chapter 14: Time and Work
Chapter 15: Pipes and Cisterns
Chapter 16: Distance, Speed, Time & Train
Chapter 17: Boats and Streams
Chapter 18: Geometry
Chapter 19: Mensuration
Chapter 20: Height and Distance
Chapter 21: Clock and Calender
Chapter 22: Set theory
Chapter 23: Sequence, Series and Logarithm
Chapter 24: Permutation and Combination
Chapter 25: Probability
Section III: Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Chapter 1: Analogy
Chapter 2: Classification
Chapter 3: Coding-Decoding
Chapter 4: Blood Relation
Chapter 5: Direction-Sense
Chapter 6: Ranking Test
Chapter 7: Series
Chapter 8: Input – Output
Chapter 9: Word Formation
Chapter 10: Logical Venn Diagrams
Chapter 11: Syllogism
Chapter 12: Cube
Chapter 13: Dice
Chapter 14: Number Puzzle
Chapter 15: Mathematical Operations
Chapter 16: Arithmetical Reasoning
Chapter 17: Analytical Reasoning
Chapter 18: Assertion and Reason
Chapter 19: Statement and Assumptions
Chapter 20: Statement and Arguments
Chapter 21: Statement and Courses of Action
Chapter 22: Statement and Conclusions
Chapter 23: Logical Deduction
Chapter 24: Critical Reasoning
Section IV: Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Chapter 1: Data Interpretation
Chapter 2: Data Sufficiency
Section V: Indian and Global Environment
India : At a Glance
World : At a Glance
Sports : At a Glance
Economy and Business : At a Glance
The Latest
MAT (Feb 2010) Solved Question Paper
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